15th update – February 2017

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The project “CO-EVOLVE” – Promoting co-evolution of human activities and natural systems for the development of sustainable coastal and maritime tourism in the Mediterranean”, compliant with Strategic Theme 2 – Joint Action 2.1) of the Bologna Charter Joint Action Plan, entered into full activity after the kick-off meeting in Komotini (GR – Region of East Macedonia and Thrace, lead partner of the project) on 12-13 January 2017. It foresees, in parallel with technical activities, an articulated campaign for communication, events, networking in general and with Med Horizontal projects approved, interaction via social media and participation of stakeholders. The web site will be activated as soon as the MED Program will provide the common platform, accordingly with the today Program policy on coordinated web site and visual image for approved projects. In any case, the project started already to create a community of interest at local, regional & transnational levels, through social media. You can get in contact and follow us on Twitter: @CoEVOLVEmed


The Bologna Charter initiative is invited to attend the 1st meeting of the Union for the Mediterranean Working Group on Environment and Climate Change – 14/15 of March 2017 in Barcelona – session IV, Emerging dossiers. The presentation will regard scope and advancements of the initiative and the role of Med Regions in contributing to the UfM Agendas on Environment & Climate Change and on Blue Economy. As an example of BC’s related actions, a special attention will be given to the CO-EVOLVE project and its possible extension in the south and east Med through a wider project initiative, MEDCOAST4BG (Mediterranean Coast for Blue Growth), “Common approaches and planning tools to boost sustainable coastal and maritime tourism in the Mediterranean”, that will be proposed for UfM labeling

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Updating of the Joint Action Plan issued in 2015 (presented in March 2015 in Brussels, MED final event by the CoR). In the period 2015-2016, a number of projects in line with the JAP Strategic Themes have been activated (MEDSANDCOAST, COASTALMAPPING, CO-EVOLVE) and also some Major Coastal Projects, included in the JAP by the participating Regions, received the financing. In the meantime, further Regions and Counties adhered to the Bologna Charter initiative. In order to give the opportunity to the new and old Members to contribute, we announce the start of the updating of the JAP document, to be completed within year 2017. This process will be supported also by the CPMR Intermediterranean Commission. For all those interested in proposing new transnational or cross border projects linked to the JAP as well as new Major Coastal projects for their Regions or Counties to be included in the updated BC-JAP feel free to come back to the networks promoters. In particular for Major Coastal projects please refer to the ones already included in Annexes 3 and 4 of the JAP http://www.bolognacharter.eu/the-joint-action-plan/ and provide proposals following the same Project Scheme description within the 31st of May 2017 to the following mail addresses: christian.marasmi@regione.emilia-romagna.it and catherine.petiau@crpm.org It is not a “call for proposal” in strict term, but a way to highlight your Major Coastal Project and support/reinforce your actions to possibly obtain national or international funds for it. Moreover, an updating on the financing and realization of Major Coastal Projects already included in JAP version 2015, will be welcome!


The CPMR Intermediterranean Commission keeps promoting the BC at EU and Mediterranean Level.

The Political Bureau of the IMC CPMR gathered in Barcelona last 1st of February has approved a Political Declaration that states the needs for West Med emerging maritime initiative to “develop innovative approaches for the adaptation & response to coastal erosion/pollution and promote coordinated ICZM-MSP and capacity building (exploiting existing initiatives as the Bologna Charter or projects as SIMWEST MED involving the regions, in coordination with PAP/RAC)”. The IMC CPMR also invited the UfM States to “endorse or give their support to the Bologna Charter for the sustainable development of coastal areas” and called for “possible synergies in concrete projects arising from its Joint Action Plan and its forthcoming review.

In this perspective, as it was stated in its new action plan, the CPMR IMC will keep supporting the BC process during the mandate 2017-2018, especially through its Working Group on Integrated Maritime Policy & Transports and its internal “Bologna Charter Coordination board” led by the Emilia Romagna Region

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