16th update – March 2017

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The Bologna Charter initiative is invited to the BLUEMED event “A basin of research and innovation for sustainable growth” on the 18-19 April in Malta  organized under the auspices of  the Maltese Presidency of the  Council of the European Union (http://www.bluemed-project.eu/a-basin-of-research-and-innovation-for-sustainable-growth/).The presentation in the panel session “Connecting the Mediterranean Sea” will regard scope and advancements of the BC initiative and the role of Med Regions in contributing to connecting major players at basin level and create jobs and growth in the Mediterranean. The Bologna Charter network also gave its contribution (in 2015-2016) in the definition of the BLUEMED Strategic R&I Agenda, namely on coastal risks, governance, adaptation and integrated management.  The event is organized with the support of the BLUEMED CSA project, funded by the European Commission.

Atlantic arc commission CPMR

The CPMR promotes exchanges among its Geographical Commissions on the Bologna Charter model.

The Atlantic Arc Commission (AAC) of the CPMR recently decided to have a closer look at the Bologna Charter experience in the Mediterranean in order to evaluate its possible transferability and adaptability to the Atlantic territorial and maritime context. In this sense, in its last political declaration (General Assembly, held in Les Sables d’Olonne last 3/3/2017) the AAC stated that “wants to initiate enhanced cooperation between the Atlantic Regions concerning the sustainable planning and protection of coastal areas” focusing on important issues as ICZM, MSP, coastal erosion etc. These issues are at the core of the Bologna Charter. Together with its Joint Action Plan, the BC constitutes an interesting model at methodological level, concerning identification of common challenges and cooperation model between regional partners, to be possibly adapted and used in other sea basins, like the Atlantic. The CPMR will thus foster the exchange of experiences between its Intermediterranean and Atlantic Arc Commissions on this topic during the current year.

Maritime spatial planning

SIMWESTMED & SUPREME projects kick off: Maritime Spatial Planning in the Mediterranean, an opportunity for Blue Growth.

Two important projects dedicated to the Maritime Spatial Planning (MSP) Directive monitoring in the Western (SIMEWESTMED) and Eastern Mediterranean (SUPREME) kicked off their activities on the last 27th and 28th of February in Rome. The projects, directly funded by the EMFF will support the implementation of the MSP Directive by Member States in their marine waters and launch and carry out concrete, cross-border MSP cooperation between MS and the relevant authorities responsible for the MSP in the area. They will contribute to draw up inventories concerning the implementation of the Directive as to the identification of challenges and good practices in the frame of its development. The consortia bring together research organizations, marine planning authorities and marine management bodies. Some of the key partners of the of the Bologna Charter network as the CPMR and the UNEP MAP (PAP/RAC) are directly involved in the partnerships of these projects that constitute interesting actions to be closely observed from the BC network, in order to set up possible synergies in the future and feed the BC’s Joint Action Plan updating (ongoing in 2017). Link to the Joint Launching Event news on the SHOM page (LP of SIMWESTMED).


A balance in brief on the occasion of the 4th Anniversary of the joint signature in Brussels (21 March 2013).

After four years by the joint signature at the European Parliament in Brussels on the 21st of March 2013, within the final high level event of the MAREMED project, we can take a look back on the positive results and advancements of the Bologna Charter Initiative. Among the many things reported in the periodical Updating (please see the news section on the www.bolognacharter.eu) we wish to highlight the extension of the adhesions to the BC, from 14 on the joint signature up to 27 today, thanks to the  joint efforts with the Intermediterranean Commission of the  CRPM, the preparation of the  Joint Action Plan (JAP, within the COASTGAP project) presented in Brussels in March 2015 at the Med Program 2007-2013 final event, and now under updating, the acknowledgment by a number of Ministries of the Med area and by the Interreg-MED Program 2014-2020, the number of projects started in line with the BC-JAP in the present programming period, the work started with the Secretariat of the Union for the Mediterranean interested in the model of cooperation and on the further project initiatives linked with the BC-JAP, and last, but not least, the increased attention on the coastal issues (risks, governance, adaptation, integrated management in relation to MSP) registered in the international frame and in EU policies and programs in the MED area. The work and results developed and those ongoing, are giving to the BC Initiative a perspective, we can take a look forward, to contribute to -and to continue having a positive impact on- Countries and EU policies implementation and on the development of cooperation, synergies and integration (vertical/horizontal) in the Mediterranean area, addressing the issue of coastal protection and sustainable development for the blue growth. Thanks to all the BC Members, as well as to the cooperation network for all the efforts made so far and for their actions still supporting this perspective today!

JAP Cover

We recall the ongoing updating of the BC-JAP to be completed within year 2017. This process is supported also by the CPMR Intermediterranean Commission. For all those interested in proposing new transnational or cross border projects linked to the JAP as well as new Major Coastal projects for their Regions or Counties to be included in the updated BC-JAP feel free to come back to the networks promoters. In particular for Major Coastal projects please refer to the ones already included in Annexes 3 and 4 of the JAP http://www.bolognacharter.eu/the-joint-action-plan/ and provide proposals following the same Project Scheme description within the 31st of May 2017 (1st STEP) to the following mail addresses: Christian.Marasmi@regione.emilia-romagna.it and catherine.petiau@crpm.org . Moreover, an updating on the financing and realization of Major Coastal Projects already included in JAP version 2015 will be welcome!

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