17th update – June 2017

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In accordance with Paragraph 4.4 of the Charter and in occasion of the 4th Anniversary of the joint signature in Brussels (in March 2013), and of the adoption of the Charter by IMC-CPMR (in June 2013)

we are pleased to communicate the latest updating on the initiative:

Atlantic arc commission CPMR

Bologna Charter by the Atlantic Arc Commission Hubs Meetings, 19-20 June 2017.

The 20th June in Brussels, the BC Initiative is invited to the AAC Hubs Meeting to present its experience, characteristics and achievements on policies, programs and projects. The scope of the AAC is to share and get from BC experience the elements to replicate, adapting, the Initiative in the context of member Regions of the Atlantic Arc Commission-CPMR.

www.cpmr-atlantic.org ; Hubs Meeting Agenda


Bologna Charter Coordination Board in Naples, 6 July 2017.

Back to back with the General Assembly of the Intermediterranean Commission, 7 of July, it will be the occasion to share the advancements of Major Coastal Projects (Annex 3 and 4 of the BC Joint Action Plan) and to discuss about further steps, new EU cooperation projects, BC-JAP compliant, recently financed and now ongoing, new proposals, the “MedCoast4BlueGrowth” project presented for labelling by the Union for the Mediterranean. It will be the occasion also to discuss about the updating of the JAP (ongoing) and the renew of the Coordination Board mission profile within the Maritime Policy & Transport Working Group of the IMC-CPMR.

All BC Members are invited! Registration on line

The Bologna Charter Joint Action Plan


Start-up of the Thematic Platforms of the BLUEMED Initiative, 5 June 2017.

The 5th of June, by the National Research Council headquarter in Rome, it has been held the launching event of the BLUEMED Thematic Platforms (Technology, Research, Economy, Policy) supported by the BlueMed CSA H2020-project. The Bologna Charter is involved in the Policy Platform. Analogue Platforms will be launched in the next months in all the Countries involved in the Bluemed Initiative.

The BLUEMED “research and innovation initiative for blue jobs and growth in the Mediterranean Area” is firmly on the Agendas of the European countries bordering the Mediterranean Sea.

www.bluemed-project.eu ; www.bluemed@cnr.it


Published the National Guidelines for Coastal Defence from Erosion phenomena and for Adaptation to Climate Change effects.

The Italian Regions network of the Bologna Charter Initiative and its JAP inspired the Ministry of Environment, Territory and Sea Protection to launch this work line within the National Board on Coastal Erosion (Protocol Ministry-Regions 2016). The coastal Regions collaborated actively, with coordination role in thematic working groups with ISPRA, Basin Authorities, Universities and Research Community, for the formulation and issue of the National Guidelines now published. Given a proper structured basis, contents and perspective, it’s born as a “live” document updatable through the further contributions of all subjects involved in coastal protection, management and adaptation.

National Guidelines

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