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For any further information please contact


Soil and Coast protection and Land Reclamation Service
viale della fiera 8, Bologna (IT)

Roberto Montanari – +390515276880
Christian Marasmi – +390515276867

How to join

The Authorities that wish to join the initiative shall have to send their formal adhesion, duly signed by its legal representative –  President of the Region or eventually by a Regional Minister (in charge for topics concerned by the Charter) individuated by the President-  to the Authority entrusted with this Charter (Emilia-Romagna Region), in which they declare the adhesion to and the sharing of the Charter contents, with the indication of the eventual act of approval by their Administration.

Emilia-Romagna Region keep the signatory Authorities informed about the partnership activities and it shall officially inform its partners about the applications received within one year since the signing of this Charter.

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