The Joint action plan

Developing conditions for the sustainable growth in the Mediterranean coastal areas

The general Objective of the Joint Action Plan is to protect the Mediterranean coasts from coastal erosion and enhance the resilience of coastal areas to climate change.

This will be accomplished through 3 pillars:

  • knowledge, reasearch and monitoring the status of Mediterranean coastal areas;
  • Integrated Coastal and Maritime spatial planning for the sustainable development of coastal and marine areas;
  • Studies and works answering to the Climate Change adaptation needs along the Mediterranean coasts.

With the scope to ensuring adequate and a wider view as possible in the process of definition of the JAP content and aims, a Coordination Board within the work group on Integrated Maritime Policy of the InterMediterranean Commission of the CRPM it has been constituted.

The “Bologna Charter Coordination Board” involves the COASTGAP partners, the maritime Administrations signatories of the Charter, other Regions being part of the InterMediterranean Commission, the representatives of the Italian flagship research project RITMARE on marine and maritime research. During the meetings of the Board in 2014, from the start in Bologna (February) and through the ones in Montpellier (June) and in Rome (November), and thanks to the partnership strict collaboration during the whole period, it has been possible to focus on common problems, challenges to be faced and priority actions to be implemented in the next seven years period and beyond.

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